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Dog Breed Information The Beagle
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Country of Origin: Great Britain
The Beagle is the smallest of the pack hounds and was originally developed to hunt rabbits. His happy personality and small size have made him a family favorite world wide.

The Beagle comes in several colors; the most popular being black, tan and white. They are 13 to 15 inches in height and live approximately 14 years.

This happy hound is an ideal family pet. They love to be part of the pack and are generally very good with children. This breed is wonderful for an active yet easy going owner who wants a happy, affectionate companion. Beagles love to run and can go for hours. However, a couple of walks per day coupled with some active play time will keep them fit and happy.
Beagles are generally healthy dogs, however they are prone to some problems such as epilepsy, seizures and eye issues. They can also be greedy dogs and will over eat if you allow them. They aren't called chow hounds for nothing! Without regular exercise and food portion control, Beagles can easily become obese and unhealthy.

Though the country would be the best setting for
the Beagle, they can easily adapt to city living. A fenced yard and proper socialization are a must for this breed!

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