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The Bernese Mountain Dog
The Beautiful Bernese
Country of Origin: Switzerland
The Bernese Mountain Dog was originally named for the Canton of Bern and was developed as an all purpose farm dog. They were brought to the United States for the first time in 1926.

This breed is large, powerful and
BEAUTIFUL!! They are 23 to 28 inches in height, weigh 75 to 105 pounds and live approximately six to nine years. The Bernese Mountain Dog is friendly, calm and lovable. They love people and are the ideal family pet.
This breed is jet black in color with rich tan on all four legs, cheeks, and over the eyes. White usually covers the face and chest areas. They have a heavy coat which needs a deep brushing at least twice a week. They shed heavily so owning a good vacuum is a must!
The Bernese Mountain Dog doesn’t need as much exercise as one might think. Though they do love to run and play, a thirty to sixty minute walk each day is acceptable. This dog is willing to please, however, they can be stubborn! Training is a must and needs to be consistent and firm. A patient owner who is willing to train early and often will see results.
Sadly, the Bernese Mountain Dog is known to have a short life expectancy. However, they are good natured, confident dogs who will quickly become your best friend and a loving member of the family. They are large, working dogs so an apartment pooch he is not! This breed needs large, open spaces to romp and play.
For more information about this loving and adorable breed, please visit: The Bernese Mountain Dog – Berner.Org
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