Dog Breed Information The Bichon Frise
Country of Origin: France
The Bichon Frise is one spunky, bundle of white fluff! A member of the toy group, this little dog is full of life and loves being part of a family. Bred as a companion animal, the Bichon Frise is a delightful, fun dog that demands attention. Though small in size, the Bichon is an energetic dog that loves to exercise and play. Though they may not be able to run marathons, this breed enjoys long walks and trips to the dog park.

The Bichon Frise is nine to twelve inches in height, weighs seven to twelve pounds and lives approximately 12 to 16 years (that is quite a long time!). As previously mentioned, the Bichon Frise LOVES attention, therefore, he is not a "part-time" dog. This breed needs an owner who has time and love to give! If you work ten hours a day, then the Bichon is NOT the dog for you. If left alone for long periods of time you will have one depressed pup on your paws.
As for grooming, fair warning, the Bichon is high maintenance when it comes to coat care! This breed needs DAILY brushings, regular baths and clipping every four to six weeks. The Bichon is prone to developing tear stains, therefore, special attention and care is needed to avoid this problem. This breed comes in white…and only white! Puppies under eighteen months of age may have cream or apricot markings, however, they will turn all white as they age.
The Bichon is a demanding little dog who may be too lively for some owners. If you are looking for a gentle, quiet little lap-dog…then the Bichon is not for you! They can be quite noisy, therefore, they need a firm but patient owner who is willing to spend time in the training department. Though the Bichon Frise can be trained it must be noted that training can be quite challenging! This breed is strong-willed and often stubborn…which can make the process difficult. Training techniques must be GENTLE and consistent (also, don't expect rapid results as the Bichon takes its sweet time when it comes to learning!).
The Bichon is generally good with other animals (even cats!). However, it is very important to socialize your Bichon early and often. Some Bichons need to be monitored when around cats and smaller dogs as they can often be rambunctious and may accidently hurt other pets in the household. This breed is highly adaptable and is suitable for either city or country living (as long as they get plenty of attention, they don't care where they live!). If given the choice, the Bichon would prefer to have a yard to play in as they love to romp and play!
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If you want a small but sturdy dog then the Bichon Frise may be the breed for you. These happy , energetic, little balls of white fluff are very friendly and affectionate! They are also non-aggressive and very intelligent…the perfect companion pet. If you would like to learn more about this spunky breed, please visit: The American Kennel Club
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