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Norman's Beefy Cheese Fish Snacks
Tasty home-made cat treats!
4 tbs Soft Margarine
1/4 c Warm beef broth
1 1/4 c White flour
5 tbs Parmesan cheese

Preheat oven to 300 degrees. Combine water, margarine and cheese. Add flour and mix to form dough. Roll out dough and cut with fish shaped cookie cutter. Bake on ungreased cookie sheet for 25 minutes. Meow!
Cheese and Fish Bites
1/2 Cup of Salmon
1/2 Cup of Cream Cheese
1 Teaspoon of Parsley Flakes

Mix cream cheese and salmon in a bowl. Sprinkle in parsley flakes. Chill for one hour. Roll into small balls & feed to your cat! Delicious!
No Bake and Easy to Make Cat Treats!!
The Cat Page
This page is dedicated to my cat, Norman. Though Norman crossed over the rainbow bridge in August of 2012, he will live in my heart forever. RIP Norm! I miss you.
Welcome to the cat page! Here you will find a variety of interesting, fun and useful feline information. From cat healthcare to yummy, cat friendly treat recipes, we promise to entertain you! Please check back often as new content will be posted on a regular basis. If you would like your furry feline featured on Norman's cat page or if you have a cat treat recipe that you would like to share, please send an email to - Meow!
Beefy Cheese Fish Snacks!
No Milk for Kitty!
When a person comes across a stray cat, the first thing they usually do is offer it some milk. Though this may be a nice gesture (and I'm all for helping stray cats) milk is not the best snack for kitty. Why? Well for one thing, it provides little to no nutritional value for cats. Not only that, did you know that most, if not all cats are lactose intolerant? Most cats develop soft stools or diarrhea after drinking milk. Trust me when I say that cleaning out a litter box full of kitty diarrhea is NOT fun. Though cats do enjoy the taste of milk (and it is OK to give them a very small amount every once in a while) cool, fresh water is a much better choice!
Norman LOVED Cheese and Salmon Snacks!
YES, you can fence your cat in! Want your cat to experience the great outdoors but are too afraid of the dangers that outdoor cats face on a daily basis? Then why not install a cat fence!? Click HERE for more information.
If you allow your cat access to the great outdoors you should consider microchipping your pet. Having your cat microchipped is the best way to bring your cat home should he or she get lost. Microchips are very small (about the size of a grain of rice) and contain all of your cat's information (name, phone, address). Microchips can easily be read by a special scanner and the procedure (which takes less than a minute) does not cost a lot of money. Microchip your cat today, better to be safe then sorry!
Kitty Bits!
First let me say that Jackson Galaxy is awesome!! Don't know who Jackson Galaxy is? Well allow me to enlighten you! Mr. Galaxy is a cat behaviorist who stars in the hit cable television show "My Cat From Hell." Each week he travels to different homes to help families that are having issues with their feline(s). From fighting to pee problems, Mr. Galaxy is an expert when dealing with troubled cats…or should I say troubled cat parents as it is usually the humans that need to change their ways! Mr. Galaxy may not look like the average "cat lover" but trust me when I say he is all about cat rescue, adoption and education. So if you have not watched "My Cat From Hell," I highly recommend that you check it out. Not only is it entertaining, it is educational as well. One final note: Mr. Galaxy has written a great book called "Cat Daddy." If you want to learn more about this remarkable man, read it today!
"My Cat From Hell" - Starring: Jackson Galaxy
Take Me Home!