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Dog Breed Information The Border Collie
Country of Origin: Great Britain
Simply stated, the Border Collie is one smart dog! Often called the Einstein of the canine world, this breed is VERY intelligent and highly trainable. Their original purpose was to herd sheep, a task they still perform to this day. The average height of a Border Collie is 18 to 23 inches, average weight is 30 to 50 pounds and their life expectancy is approximately 10 to 14 years.
This medium sized, muscular breed is longer than they are tall. They come in several colors including black and white, tri-color, brown and white, orange and white and red or blue merle.
This keen, alert, sensitive, and intelligent dog needs an ACTIVE OWNER! Considered to be one of the most active breeds in the canine world the Border Collie must have DAILY exercise! It is also important to note that this breed needs a great deal of mental stimulation as well. Bored Border Collies often become depressed, frustrated and often, hyper. If you do not have the time to exercise your Border Collie at least one to two hours per day it is probably best that you consider a different breed.
Border Collies are great for people who love to exercise and live an active lifestyle. If you want a dog that will do exceptionally well in obedience and agility competitions, this breed is definitely for you!
For more information about this spunky, smart, loyal and alert breed, please visit: About Border Collies To become the proud parent of an energetic Border Collie, Please visit: Adopt a Pet!
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