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Dog Breed Information The Boston Terrier
Country of Origin: United States
The Boston Terrier is a small, compact, and muscular dog. However, don't be fooled by their small size, they are actually quite sturdy! The Boston's body is short and square. They have black noses, and large, round eyes that are set far apart. They are 15 to 17 inches in height, weigh approximately 15 to 25 pounds and live 10 to 14 years.
The Boston Terrier is a lively, alert and intelligent dog. They are wonderful companions for people who are interested in owning a small but easy to care for breed. They are wonderful pets for the elderly and also do well with children. The Boston Terrier is a wonderful family pet as his only demand is the company of people. If left alone for long periods of time, you will most likely have one depressed dog on your hands. Trust me when I say that Boston Terrier's need plenty of love and a lot of attention.
The Boston Terrier has an "easy care coat" which requires only occasional brushing (about once per week should suffice). Their coats are traditionally brindle or black with even white markings. Because of their short faces, Boston Terrier's are prone to breathing problems. Special attention should be paid in the summer due to the fact that they tend to over -heat quite easily. Skin tumors are also common in this breed.
Though small, Boston's have minds of their own and can be quite stubborn. They are somewhat difficult to train, however, if training sessions are short, consistent and based on positive reinforcement; it is not an impossible task! In other words, they are quick to learn if they enjoy the learning process! Boston terrier's not only love people, they enjoy being around other animals as well. As with all dogs they truly benefit from early socialization. Fair warning, strong minded males may show some aggression towards other males.
Over all, Boston Terriers are lively, affectionate, intelligent, gentle and playful. They thrive in country settings, however, they make wonderful city pets as well. If you would like to learn more about this spunky, adorable breed, please visit: The Boston Terrier Club

To learn more about Boston Terrier adoptions, please visit: Adopt a Pet!

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