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Review: The Bubble Buddy
Reviewed by: Kathy
When I heard about the Bubble Buddy for dogs I knew I had to try it. What could be better than beef scented bubbles!? Hours of fun, Right!? Unfortunately, as hard as I tried, I could not get the dogs interested. Sure, they chased a bubble or two but they didn't romp and play for hours as the box said they would (it was more like 10 minutes). I didn't expect Bunny Roo to chase the bubbles, afterall, she is 90% blind and doesn't chase anything. She did, however, show more interest than the other dogs and at one point tried to eat the bubble gun. That's Bunny Roo for you....always trying to chow down on something! I guess she got a nose full of beef scent when a bubble accidently popped on her nose! Speaking of the beef scent.....ewwwwww! Personally, I didn't think the bubbles smelled like beef at all. I can't even think of a word that does describe what they smelled like. If you have a highly energetic dog you might want to try the Bubble Buddy. If not, don't waste your money....go buy a Frisbee instead!
Kiwi - Not really interested in the beef scented bubbles!
Bunny Roo bites the bubble gun.
The Bubble Buddy
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