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1. Most car sickness is NOT caused by the motion of the car but the STRESS of being in the car! Start out slowly by letting Fido sit in the car without actually going anywhere. The more comfortable he is inside the vehicle the better! Once Fido is comfortable, start taking small trips once or twice a week around the block. Praise Fido during the trip and if possible, have a friend go with you who can soothe the dog and keep him calm.

2. When riding down the road, always have a window (or two) open. Fresh air circulating through-out the vehicle will help.

3. Always make sure that Fido can see out a window. If he can see the road ahead, he is less likely to get ill.

4. Last but not least, if your dog's reaction to being in a vehicle is severe and nothing you do helps, take him to the vet. Motion sickness medication is available for dogs.

HERE to read about the first drug approved by the FDA for carsick dogs.
Good Luck and Happy Tails. Oops, I mean Trails! Woof!
Dogs and Car Sickness
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Our dog, Kiwi, is an Australian Shepherd and she LOVES to be outdoors. My husband has mentioned several times that he would like to take her to the beach, however, the problem is getting her there. Kiwi gets extremely carsick and vomits within minutes of the car leaving the neighborhood. First the yawning starts, then comes the drooling. Next thing you know, chunks are flying. It's not pretty.

I did a little research on how to prevent car sickness in dogs…here is what I found:
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