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Senior cats should get regular check-ups!
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Older Cat Care
Simple Tips on How to Care for Your Senior Feline Friend
1. Switch to a senior diet. There are many cat foods available that are made especially for senior felines. If you don’t know which is best for your cat, consult with your veterinarian. Many cats develop special dietary needs as they age.

2. Speak Up! Many cats begin to lose their hearing as they get older. Make sure you speak in a loud voice so that Felix can hear you. Now there is no need to yell at your cat, after all, you don’t want to scare him to death! If you are speaking in a loud voice and your cat still does not respond, he has either gone completely deaf, or he is simply ignoring you. Knowing cats as I do, I’m going with option two, he is ignoring you. In any event, play it safe, and take him to the vet.
3. Try your best not to disturb your feline friend while he is sleeping. Older cats need their rest!

4. If your older cat wants to be alone, then let him be! While older cats still like to play occasionally, they tend to value their personal space more as they age.
6. If you notice your cat drinking more water than usual, take him to the vet as soon as possible. Excessive drinking is often a sign of kidney deterioration. The kidneys are often the first organs to fail. The veterinarian will be able to conduct simple tests to determine if your cat’s kidneys are functioning properly.

For more information about
senior cat health care, please visit: The Senior Cat
Here’s to your cat, may he live a long and happy life!
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5. As the years go by it is very important that your cat receives regular vetinary care. Veterinarians can assist with older cat ailments such as arthritis, joint pain, and tooth decay. It is important to keep your older cat as healthy as possible and to catch problems early.