Dog Breed Information The Dalmatian
Dalmatians can be stubborn dogs so they require an experienced, active owner who is willing to be patient and consistent when it comes to training. This breed is strong minded, so training and obedience can be an up-hill struggle.

This lovable breed makes a great family dog as they are very good with children. They enjoy long walks and lively games of fetch. Dalmatians love company and will express themselves (often loudly) when left alone for too long. They get along well with other dogs, however, because of their size and boisterous personalities they tend to be too enthusiastic and rough on smaller animals.

The Dalmatian needs access to suitable exercise areas but this does not mean that he must live in the suburbs or country. They are known to do just as well in the city as long as they get their fair share of exercise. Ideally, the Dalmatian should have a securely fenced yard where he can run, play and burn off energy.

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Country of Origin: Great Britain
The Dalmatian is one of the most recognizable dogs. With it's distinctive spotted coat, pear shaped head and medium-sized drop ears, this breed is most certainly a family favorite. The Disney film 101 Dalmatians has helped boost the popularity of the breed.

The Dalmatian is a great dog for an active, energetic owner as they love to run and play. They are wary of strangers but lovely and affectionate towards friends. They make excellent watch dogs as they have a strong work drive and are extremely loyal.
Original Purpose: Carriage Dog
Average Height: 21 to 24 Inches
Average Weight: 40 to 60 Pounds
Average Life Span: 12 to 14 Years
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