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Frozen Yogurt Bunny Yummies
A delicious frozen summer treat your dog will love!
Frozen Yogurt Bunny Yummies
These frozen treats are simple to make! All you need are three ingredients and 5 minutes (not counting freezing time).

1 Container of plain or vanilla yogurt - six or eight ounces (note: I used vanilla)
1/2 Cup of all natural apple sauce -
NO sugar added
1 to 2 Squirts of honey

Place yogurt and apple sauce in a bowl. Whip until foamy. Add a few squirts of honey and blend. Fill ice tray and place in freezer. That's it!

Note: Some dogs don't easily digest dairy products - Give your pooch a small taste to see how his stomach reacts. If he develops "bathroom issues" frozen dairy treats may not be the best idea!
Kylie, Bunny Roo and Kiwi enjoy their frosty summer treat!
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