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HELP! My Dog Has Been Skunked!
How to rid your dog of that horrible skunk smell.
So Fido has made a new friend and unfortunately, his name is Mr. Skunk! Yuck! Though your dog may have had a grand old time chasing and playing with Mr. Skunk in the woods, you now have a smelly situation on your hands! There are many fancy products on the market that can help with your stinky situation but before you spend your hard earned money, why not try a home-made remedy first? The following de-skunking recipe was developed by a chemist and should have Fido smelling sweet in no time at all!
1 Quart 3% Hydrogen Peroxide
¼ Cup of Baking Soda
1 Teaspoon of Liquid Dish Soap
If your dog has been sprayed directly in the face by a skunk you must wash his eyes out with cool, PLAIN, water. Skunk spray has a tendency to burn and sting so you should do this first and as soon as possible. Remember…USE COOL, PLAIN WATER when washing your dog’s eyes. DO NOT USE THE RECIPE ABOVE FOR EYE CLEANING!!!
After your pup’s eyes have been gently cleaned, rub the home-made mixture into your dog’s coat. Make sure you cover the coat completely…all the way down to the skin. Again, DO NOT GET THE MIXTURE INTO YOUR DOG’S EYES!! Once you have completely saturated your dog’s coat, thoroughly rinse his fur with warm water. Once this is complete, shampoo him with your favorite doggie shampoo. That’s it! Easy! Your best friend is now skunk free and smelling like a rose.
Important Note: Do NOT pre-make the home-made de-skunking mixture! This mixture cannot be stored under any circumstance! It is combustible and can explode if left in a closed container. What you do not use on your dog should be discarded immediately
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