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Bunny Roo's Medical Emergency!
Dogs and Glaucoma - Know the Signs!
On Tuesday, July 8, 2008 Bunny Roo had to have her eye removed. When I adopted Bunny Roo she had a cataract on her left eye. I was told that it was not causing her any pain, however, she could not see out of that eye and it may cause problems in the future. Well, they were right. The cataract caused Glaucoma which in turn, caused her eye to swell and the lense to disconnect. She had emergency eye surgery and the entire eye was taken out. I am happy to report that Bunny Roo did VERY WELL!! She is a strong, healthy Beagle and came through with flying colors! She is already home, eating and resting comfortably! Below are some links about cataracts and Glaucoma. Here's to your health! Woof!
Bunny's New Look!
Still an adorable Beagle!
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Bunny Roo only four days after surgery!
To read about dog eye health, please click HERE! To read about Glaucoma in dogs, please click HERE!
It has been seventeen days since Bunny Roo Beagle had her eye removed. I am happy to report that she is better than ever! She had her stitches taken out and is 100% back to her old self. Yes, her favorite past-time is still eating!
Roo's good side!
Bunny Roo passed away a few months after her eye was removed. Her death had nothing to do with her eye condition. Hopefully, sharing Bunny Roo's story about her battle with glaucoma will help other dogs. May Roo rest in peace! I miss her dearly. To read more about glaucoma in dogs and to see more pictures please click here.