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Shy Dogs
Five Ways to Help Your Pooch Beat the Bashful Blues!

First and probably the most important, take it slow! Don’t force your dog to do more than he is comfortable with. Keep initial socialization sessions short and let your pup gain confidence at his own pace.
Take your dog with you…everywhere! Ok, maybe not to church or the gym…but to as many new places as possible. The more you expose your shy pup to new sites and sounds the more confident he will become!
People Power
I know that your mom probably told you never to talk to strangers, however, she didn’t know that one day you would be the proud owner of a shy dog! Forget Mom’s advice and ask several strangers to approach your pup (at the park, perhaps) and offer him a treat or two. Soon, your dog will look forward to meeting new people and won’t cower in their presence.
Back to School
Take the time to teach your dog a new trick! Teaching him a new trick or skill can only build his doggie self-esteem. The pride he will exhibit when he catches that Frisbee or returns a tennis ball will soon out-shine his bashful side. Be sure to praise your pup each and every time he performs his new task.
“Pooooor Baaabeeeee”
Don’t coddle your pooch! If your dog starts cowering or exhibiting bashful behavior…do NOT coddle him! By doing this you are reinforcing the behavior that you are trying to change! In other words, when you coddle, you are rewarding his shyness!
Changing a dog’s behavior can be a difficult challenge. Whatever you do, don’t give up! With a little love and a lot of patience you will succeed. Soon, your bashful hound will be the friendliest, most out-going dog at the park. Ok, maybe not soon, but one day, I promise!
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Don't Be Shy!
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