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Dog Introductions!
How to introduce a new dog into your family!
So, you are adding a second dog to your fur-family, congratulations! Bringing a new four-legged friend home is certainly exciting. However, your current dog might not be so thrilled. Below are a few tips to help you, your current dog, and your new friend adjust.
1. It is a good idea to introduce your new dog and your current dog on neutral ground. At first, keep both animals leashed (so that you are in control) and let them sniff each other. After a few minutes, go for a walk to the dog park. If all is going well and there are no signs of aggression, allow the dogs to spend some time playing and getting to know each other. This will help to ease the social transition for both animals.
2. When you do something fun with one dog, make sure the other dog gets attention too. Just like children, dogs get jealous!
3. For the first few days, if you have to leave your house, put the dogs in separate rooms. This is just a safety precaution until you know that the dogs get along and there is no chance of fighting.
4. Say each dog's name BEFORE you give them a treat or toy. This will teach your dogs to wait until they hear their name before taking an item from you. This is also a way to teach good manners and will help condition your dog NOT to jump when he wants something. Remember be patient and consistent when training.
Most likely your new dog and your current dog will become best friends in no time. Be patient, be firm and be kind. Dogs are intelligent, wonderful animals that usually adapt well to new situations. And as I always say, two dogs are better than one!
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