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Motor Mouse Electronic Cat Toy
The Motor Mouse Electronic Cat Toy
Review Written By: Kathy
Review Participants: Cooper & Claire
I have two rescue cats; Cooper, a two year old orange tabby, and Claire, a five year old calico. Cooper is young, energetic and crazy. He LOVES to play and would do so non-stop for hours (if I had that kind of time). Claire likes to play as well. However, she is a little bit older and isn't as crazy as Coop. Don't get me wrong, Claire likes to play but she would be just as happy napping in an afternoon sunbeam.
Like I said, Cooper LOVES to play. Since I do have other things to attend to, I can't play with him as much as I would like. When I discovered the Motor Mouse, I had to buy it. The Motor Mouse is an electronic cat toy (you need a C battery in order for it to operate). All you do is pop in the battery, turn it on and a little gray mouse runs in circles. I guess you could say it is a game of "cat and mouse." Sorry, I couldn't resist. Anyway, as I said, the little gray mouse runs in circles and the object is for your cat to catch the mouse. The mouse does move fairly fast and I must say that my cat, Cooper, loved the chase. Because it is a simple game I was worried that my cats would get bored after a few minutes, however, they aren't rocket scientists so the little gray mouse running in circles seems to keep them busy for quite some time.
After about 40 minutes, Cooper decided to jump on top of the Motor Mouse (which is ok considering it is well made and the top is covered with a material that is meant for scratching). After he was done stretching and scratching, he sat on the Motor Mouse and took a nap. I guess it tired him out after all! As for Claire, my older cat, she played with the Motor Mouse for a few minutes but seemed to enjoy watching Cooper rather than participating.
Over all I think the Motor Mouse is a great cat toy. Especially if you have a young, energetic cat who loves to play and enjoys a challenge. The Motor Mouse won't replace the good old cat teaser toy (a ribbon or feather on a stick) but it is a great option when you just don't have the time to play with your cat. Cats that don't play and exercise regularly often become over-weight and even depressed so having a toy for your cat that doesn't require human participation is a nice option. The one negative I would point out about this product (and it is a small one) is that the mouse would sometimes stop when Cooper hit it (which is fine) but it sometimes needed a little nudge to "get going" again. Coop would often provide the nudge needed with his paw but sometimes he would just stare at the mouse waiting for it to start moving.

The Motor Mouse is reasonably priced (I found it to be cheaper on-line) and is well made (my two cats have yet to destroy it...and trust me, they like to destroy things). If you have a young, playful cat, you might want to consider buying this toy. Thanks for reading this review! Come back soon as new reviews are added often!
Cooper scratches and stretches on top of the Motor Mouse!
Cooper and Claire Play With the Motor Mouse!
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