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Old English Sheepdogs thrive as family dogs and are great playmates for older children. They are too big and bouncy for households with toddlers or frail, elderly people.

These dogs need active owners who love to go for long walks and have plenty of time for training. This dog is not ideal for people who are out all day as they thrive on company and will be miserable if left alone for long periods of time. Old English Sheepdogs usually get along well with other pets, however, small pets are always in danger of getting squashed!
Dog Breed Information
Old English Sheepdog
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Country of Origin: Great Britain
The old English Sheepdog was developed in the late nineteenth century as a herder and livestock guardian. They are large, strong dogs with square proportions. They are 21 inches in height (some may be taller), weigh 60 to 100 pounds and live 10 to 12 years.

These boisterous, hairy dogs are good natured and playful. They require a lot of maintenance and need a lot of physical and mental exercise.

Old English Sheepdogs require a
LOT of grooming! They need to be brushed for at least three to four HOURS per week. If their hair is not combed out frequently, it mats into lumps that can be very difficult to remove. Professional grooming is highly recommended for this breed.
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