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Potcakes are mutts that live on the various islands in the Carribean (most specifically, Grand Bahama Island). They usually have short hair and are medium in size.

Potcake is the Bahamian term for the congealed food that remains on the bottom of a pot after it has been reheated several times. Dirty pots were often left outside to be licked clean by the indigenous dogs, hence the name, Potcake.

Over the years, the Potcake problem beame so large, tourists took notice and encouraged the government to get involved in the welfare of the animals. Frances Hayward, an employee at the Bahamian Humane Society, takes pride in sponsoring a campaign that promotes kindness to Caribbean strays. The Bahamian Humane Society also has a Potcake Adoption Program and low cost spay and neuter services.

PAL (Potcake Adoption League) also rescues stray animals and adopts them out to loving homes not only in the Bahamas but in the United States as well.

For more information about Potcakes, please visit:The Humane Society of Grand Bahama
What Is A Potcake?
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Three Potcakes awaiting their forever-loving homes.
Potcake Update!
Good news for Potcakes! According to the Pegasus Foundation more than 80 organizations have banded together to assist with the Caribbean Potcake problem. A spay and neuter program has been implemented and the number of strays that can reproduce has been reduced by 75%! This is wonderful news!

If you happen to be visiting the Caribbean and fall in love with a Potcake, don’t worry, it is possible to adopt one of these loving dogs! The wonderful people at can help! They have placed strays in homes as far away as Florence, Italy! Remember, saving one dog may not change the world, but it will change the world for that one dog!
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