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Puppy Cake - Instant Cupcake Mix for Dogs!
As you know, I LOVE to bake homemade dog treats! When I saw the advertisement for Puppy Cake cupcake mix for dogs, I HAD to try it. I must say that I am very impressed with the finished product (as were the dogs!). The consistency of the batter was similar to that of cake mix for humans. I simply added water, one egg and a little bit of oil, that was it! Easy! I used a regular size cupcake pan and papers. The cupcakes took approximately 25 minutes to bake and when they were finished, they came out nice and even. Each box of cupcake mix came with a package of icing, however, I chose to make my own using recipes from Party 4 Paws. I will never stop making dog treats from scratch, however, it's nice to know that there is a wonderful instant cake mix for dogs that I can use if I so wish. Kiwi, Kylie and Penny give Puppy Cake cupcakes four paws up!
Decorated Puppy Cake Cupcakes!
Easy to Make! I made the cupcakes in the picture above using Puppy Cake!
Carob Cake Mix Ingredients
Whole Wheat Flour
Honey Powder
Carob Powder (a chocolate substitute - NEVER use real chocolate!)
Baking Powder
Banana Cake Mix Ingredients
Whole Wheat Flour
Honey Powder
Baking Powder
Organic Evaporated Cane Juice
Organic Corn Malt Syrup
Natural Colors (fruits, vegetables or seeds)
Penny can't believe her eyes! A cupcake!
Kylie loves Puppy Cakes!
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