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How YOU Can Help Put an End to Puppy Mills!
Yes, you can help fight puppy mills and it is much easier to do than you might think. Puppy mills are usually large scale breeding operations where the all mighty dollar is given a higher priority than the treatment and welfare of the dogs.

Puppy mill breeders, pet store owners, and dog brokers have formed a very profitable but cruel enterprise. Be a part of the solution and help put puppy mills out of business! Below are several ways
YOU can help. Remember, ADOPTION is the BEST option!

1. NEVER purchase a puppy from a pet store! Virtually 100% of the puppies that are sold in pet stores are from puppy mills. If you purchase a puppy from a pet store you are supporting the puppy mill industry! Bad, very bad!
2. Adopt!
If you want to add a puppy to your family check with local shelters and rescue groups. Adopting a dog may not change the world...but it WILL change the world for that one dog and you will SAVE A LIFE!

Tell your friends, family and co-workers about puppy mills and how horrible they are! Education is key...the more people that know about the atrocities taking place within puppy mills, the better!
4. If you MUST buy.....
If you must purchase a puppy rather than adopt, only buy from a RESPONSIBLE BREEDER! Responsible breeders CARE about their dogs and will only place their puppies in good homes. They should screen you as thoroughly as you screen them!
Every chance you get...spread the word about dog adoption and how wonderful it is! Start a webpage or blog about adoption and help educate the world about the atrocities that occur in puppy mills. If you hear that a co-worker or family member is interested in getting a dog give them some information about a local rescue group. Finally, volunteer with a local rescue group and spend one Saturday a month at an adoption fair. Rescue groups always welcome new volunteers!
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Please read the United States Humane Society website for more information about what you can do to END puppy mills once and for all! Thank you!