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Senior Dogs and Arthritis
Arthritis can cause great discomfort and pain to your older dog. It can affect their quality of life, as well as, their overall health. It is important to pay attention to your older friend and look for signs of aching bones and joints. The sooner you seek treatment and make changes, the better.
What To Look For:

1. Limping or lameness
2. Difficulty sitting down, climbing stairs or getting up from the floor
3. Overall stiffness
4. Frequent slipping on laminate or hardwood surfaces
5. Whimpering or aggression when touched on the hind quarters or back
How To Cope:

There are several simple things you can do that will make life easier for your arthritic friend:

1. Raise food dishes (platform feeders are available)

2. Add ramps and stairs to your home so that your dog does not have to jump to get on his favorite piece of furniture. If your dog has trouble climbing stairs, ramps are ideal.

3. Buy a special bed for your older pooch. Orthopedic and special warming beds are excellent for tired and aching joints.

4. Put down non-skid mats so that your dog can get up and down from slippery surfaces without falling.

5. Use coats and sweaters in cold or wet weather

6. Buy an assistance harness - These will enable you to give your dog additional support when needed (example: going up the stairs)
7. If your house has a lot of linoleum and hardwood surfaces, purchase your dog some non-slip booties
Orthopedic beds are great for
older dogs.
Stairs & ramps are a great for
dogs that can no longer jump!
Rear support for your older pup!
Diet & Exercise

Diet and exercise play a very important role in the over-all health of your dog! It is important to keep your dog trim...especially as they age. Extra weight can only cause problems and pain, especially to dogs that are arthritic. Swimming and hydrotherapy are wonderful forms of exercise for dogs that are suffering from arthritis. As dogs age it is extremely important that they receive their regular veterinary check-ups. Veterinarians can prescribe medication as well as offer tips and advice for caring for your arthritic pet. For more information about dogs and arthritis, please click HERE.
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Swimming is great exercise for older dogs!
Take care of your senior friend
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