Dog Breed Information The St. Bernard
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Country of Origin: Switzerland
The Saint Bernard is a large, powerful, square-shaped dog with a large head. They are 25 to 30 inches in height, weigh 120 to 180 pounds and live approximately 9 to 10 years. This beautiful breed comes in several different colors including: red, white, orange, mahogany-brindle and red-brindle.
The Saint Bernard is a devoted companion, good natured, and highly protective. Because of his massive size, the Saint Bernard is not a good fit for everyone. They are costly to feed, can be very messy and they love to drool!! Like any dog, this gentle giant needs plenty of socialization and training. They are willing to please their owner, however, they can be slow to repsond, therefore, frustrating to train.
The Saint Bernard is happiest when provided with plenty of room and a large fenced yard. They love to be part of the family and do well with children (though children should be supervised due to the large size of this animal!).
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