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Excessive barking is one of the most frequently heard complaints about dogs. Dogs bark for many reasons, therefore, the first thing you must do is figure out WHY your dog barks so much! I know, I know, easier said than done! However, once you figure out WHY your dog barks excessively, you can begin to work on the problem.
Exercise is a very necessary and important part of a dog's life. A dog that does not get enough exercise on a daily basis can easily become bored and let's face it...boredom often leads to barking. If excessive barking becomes a problem with your dog...try increasing his exercise level. After all, a tired dog is a happy (non-barking) dog!

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All Alone With Nothing to Do!

Dogs that are left alone for long periods of time may also bark excessively. This goes back to the "boredom leads to barking" theory! If your dog is home alone during the day, why not provide some stimulating entertainment for him? Food dispensing toys are wonderful and they are available in many shapes and sizes.

If your pup loves to bark at what he sees outside, obscure his view of the excitement. If he stands on the couch or a chair to look out the window a rearranging of the furniture may be a simple fix.
Though excessive barking can be annoying, don't give up on your pooch! There is help available! The ASPCA website provides canine behavioral assistance to help you with your problem. Be sure to check it is loaded with helpful information!
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Excessive Dog Barking
Does Your Dog Bark Too Much!? Tips & Tricks to Tame Your Pooch!
Final Note: Adding a new dog to the family may help. After all, many dogs love companionship! However, it would be wise to figure out why your dog barks so much BEFORE adopting another furry friend. Though companionship may be the answer the last thing you need is TWO barking dogs! Focus on your current pooch first and consider adopting another dog once the barking situation is under control.
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