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Warning! Sugarless Gum is BAD for Dogs!
Most, if not all, sugarless gums on the market today contain an artificial sweetner called Xylitol. While this ingredient makes gum taste good without adding unwanted calories, it is toxic to dogs and should be kept out of their reach at all times! Xylitol can be found in several well known brands such as Trident, Orbitz and Ice Breakers.
Fido's gum chewing days are over!
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If ingested by your dog, one pack of gum containing Xylitol can cause serious health problems or even death! So play it safe and no matter how much Fido begs, let him know that his bubble blowing days are over and keep the gum out of his reach! On a side note, Xylitol is also known to cause diarreah in adults. Take it from someone that knows....Xylitol is NOT either humans or canines!
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