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Bringing the Outside In!
Turn your outside cat into the perfect INDOOR ONLY pet! Yes, it can be done!
My cat Norman is an outside cat. He was a stray before I found him, therefore, he likes roaming the neighborhood and chasing birds (especially at night!). Well, for several reasons, mainly safety concerns, I have decided to transform Norm into an indoor only kitty. Though Norm enjoys the great outdoors, I fear for his safety. I don't sleep well when he is roaming the streets as I'm afraid he is going to be run over by a car, attacked by a stray dog, or even poisoned.

I know that I have a tough road ahead of me...but this transformation must happen. To help me with my journey, I purchased a book titled: "
Twisted Whiskers" by Pam Johnson. Pam is a Feline Behavior Consultant (who knew they even existed!) and she seems to know her stuff. Outdoor cats (like Norman) have many fun and exciting things to do. From bird watching to chasing butterflies...the kitty activitie are endless. According to Ms. Johnson, I must make the "inside" just as much fun if I want to keep Norman happy and stimulated. Bored cats tend to over-sleep, eat too much, and often, they become depressed. Norm, depressed...oh no!! Ms. Johnson suggests buying a cat tree (which I did), several "cat teasers" in order to keep Norm entertained, and setting up a routine feeding schedule. She also suggests scheduled play times (David, my husband, will be in charge of these)!
So far, so good. However, my MAIN concern is Norman's potty habits. Norman has NEVER used a litter box. I don't even think he knows what one is. According to "Twisted Whiskers" I should use a litter called "Ever Clean." Supposedly, this litter is similar to sand and is unscented. Right now, Norman only goes to the bathroom in dirt. Dirt is what he likes. The book suggests mixing dirt into his litter until he has made his "potty transition." I will let you know how the potty training goes. When I first found Norman, I bought a litter box. He NEVER used it...but I'm ready to give it another shot. Well, that's it for now. Check back next week as I will update you on Norman's progress (or lack there-of). Wish me luck! Meow!
Norman Loves His Cat Tree!
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Norman has pooped in his litter box!!!! This is a major accomplishment!!! While Norman still goes outside occasionally....his outside time has been dramatically reduced. Soon, he won't be going outside at all! If you are having issues with your cat, I highly recommend the book "Twisted Whiskers." It has really helped me turn Norman into an indoor kitty. Check back soon for another Norman update. Meow!
Norman is officially an indoor only cat! He has not gone outside in almost ten months! He has his moments when he meows by the door....but those moments quickly pass. Norman is happy, healthy and much cleaner! Norman is proof that you CAN turn an outdoor cat into an indoor only feline!
It is with great sadness that I must report that Norman has passed away. One day I noticed that he was having trouble breathing. I took Norman to the vet that very day only to find out that he had advanced lung cancer. I was shocked! Norm showed no signs of illness until the end. I really, really miss my sweet Norman. I think of him often (he was the best cat in the world). Even though Norm has crossed over the rainbow bridge...he will live in my heart forever.