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Norman LOVES Catnip! He will chew it, eat it, lick it, roll in it and smell it. After only a few minutes with his favorite treat, Norman becomes very playful and frisky. He often runs around the house like psycho kitty terrorizing Kiwi and Kylie and ambushing Penny the Beagle.. Eventually, after the Catnip wears off, he curls up on the couch and takes a very long nap.

I did a little research to find out exactly what
Catnip is. I figured I should know since I give it to Norman quite regularly. I would feel horrible if I turned my feline into a junkie drooling for his next fix. Here's what I found…..
Catnip Crazy
What exactly is catnip?
Norman loves catnip!
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About 80% of adult cats (including lions, pumas, and leopards) react to this irresistible, intoxicating, analgesic soporific. The tendency to like or ignore catnip is inherited, and it's true that some cats are immune to its influence.

My cat Norman is obviously
NOT immune to catnip. Most of his toys are stuffed with this dried up kitty delicacy. I'm just happy that it is not addictive or harmful as the last thing I want is for Norman to end up living in my basement…watching tv all day…chewing on catnip and consuming box after box of Meow Mix. That would not be a good life for my Normie. If you have a cat, why not treat him to some catnip today!
Catnip, a member of the mint family, is a harmless "high" for felines. Although many cats will eat it, scientists say they're reacting to the smell rather than the taste. Felines bite, chew, rub against, and roll in catnip to release the volatile oil trapped in the leaves. Catnip is harvested when this essential oil production reaches its peak, and leaves and fragrant flowers are carefully air-dried to preserve essential oils at their best.