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Why Adopt A Rescue Dog?
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The answer is simple, YOU ARE SAVING A DOG’S LIFE!! Each year in the United States alone, millions of unwanted pets are turned over to animal shelters around the country. Of these animals, roughly 70% are put to death because nobody wants them. That is a HUGE, HORRIBLE number.
1. Divorce
2. Moving and can’t take dog to new location
3. Do not have enough time to care for the dog
4. Behavior problems
5. Allergies
Unfortunately, some people view rescues as dogs that are not wanted due to behavioral problems. Well I’m here to tell you that is simply not true! Most shelter dogs are well behaved, sweet animals who just need a second chance. This is not to say that every rescue dog is perfect. Some need a lot of tender loving care, socialization and more often than not, a potty-training refresher course (but wouldn’t a purchased puppy require the same?).

If you are thinking about adding a new fur-friend to your family,
PLEASE consider adoption from a local shelter or rescue group. To view some dogs that are currently available for adoption, please visit the Rescue and Sanctuary Links page.

If you are not ready to adopt but want to help, consider making a donation to a local rescue group or becoming a foster parent! Most rescue organizations survive solely on the kindness of donors, volunteers and foster parents.

Adoption is the BEST Option!!!
Below are a few of the animals I have rescued over the years. Each and every one has been a special blessing.
Bunny Roo Beagle - Adopted at Age 10
Kylie - Adopted at Age 9 months
Penny - Adopted at Age 11
Norman - Stray Cat - Adopted at Age 6
Claire the Calico and Her Kittens
Sadie - Adopted at Age 6
Five Reasons People Give Up Their Dogs:
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