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Frosty & Frozen Tuna Cubes
A dog friendly summer treat!
Yummy Frozen Tuna Cubes!
I don't know about your dog, but my pups LOVE tuna fish ( my cats do too!). Here is a yummy frozen tuna treat, perfect after a long walk on a hot summer day!
One six ounce can of tuna fish - packed in water
Eight ounces of plain yogurt
So simple to make! All you do is mix the yogurt and tuna in a bowl. Use a whisk so that the "batter" is nice and fluffy! Spoon batter into ice tray and freeze for four hours. That's it!

Delicious & Refreshing!
Delicious! Woof! More Please!
Kylie's nose supervises the making of the frozen tuna cubes!
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