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The Irish Setter
The Irish Setter is a gorgeous, friendly dog. Though they were once primarily used by hunters to locate and retrieve game, today they are wonderful family pets that are good with children, loving and affectionate.
Original Purpose: Locate and Retrieve Game
Male Height: 26 to 28 Inches
Female Height: 24 to 26 Inches
Weight: 60 to 75 Pounds
Life Span: Approximately 12 to 14 Years
General Information
An adorable Irish Setter Puppy!
As mentioned above, the Irish Setter is a gorgeous dog. They have a rich red coat ranging from chestnut to mahogany in color. This breed requires moderate grooming needs. A daily brushing (paying special attention to the ears) is ideal in order to keep the Irish Setter's coat healthy and shiny.

Along with daily brushings, the Irish Setter needs plenty of exercise. If you are a couch potato, this dog is
NOT for you! This big, boisterous canine is highly energetic and enjoys long walks, free running (in a dog park or large yard) and plenty of active play (such as a game of fetch).
The Irish Setter is an independent thinker, therefore, he can be difficult to control off leash. Firm, positive, fun training is an absolute must. If properly socialized the Irish Setter enjoys the company of other canines. They also enjoy playing with and being around children. It is important to note that small children should be supervised around this breed as they can be overly energetic and boisterous and accidents can occur.
Ideally, a country setting is best for this lively breed. However, they can adapt and thrive in a city setting as long as they get plenty of playtime and exercise. Irish Setters that become bored due to lack of activity, attention and play can become depressed and possibly destructive (say goodbye to your couch cushions!).

The Irish Setter is generally a healthy breed. However, they, like other dogs, are prone to certain ailments. Skin allergies, thyroid problems and hip malformation (dysplasia) are common among this breed. It should also be mentioned that the Irish Setter is an energetic eater (
they tend to gulp down their food). Therefore, it is important that they be fed two or three small meals per day so they do not develop a condition known as "bloat."

This breed enjoys the company of other dogs.
If you are looking for a large, fun loving dog that enjoys exercise and being outdoors…then the Irish Setter may be the perfect pooch for you! These highly affectionate, intelligent, sociable dogs love companionship and make perfect family pets.
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