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The Kitten Mitten
I was sleeping on the front porch. It's warm, sunny and peaceful there. Or, at least, it was. Slow little dream birdies were dancing in front of me and I was primed for pouncing when my happy little kitty dream-world was interrupted by my Mom (aka Freddy Krueger) sneaking up on me with the strangest thing I've ever seen attached to her hand. I'll admit I'm a bit biased against "toys." I'm not the slavering buffoon that Kiwi is nor the half-wit that Kylie is - they'd play with a rock tied to a string if Mom or Dad acted excited enough about it - but I'll play when the mood strikes. But not with this thing... NEVER with this thing.

As its name implies, the Kitten Mitten is a glove worn by humans. It has long fingers topped with tiny pom-poms. It also jingles. To put it in human perspective, imagine trying to entertain your son or daughter with a game of baseball only you modify the rules and throw 5 balls at them at a time. Balls with bells attached to them. Yay. Fun.
Reviewed by: Norman the cat
Note: Young cats love the Kitten Mitten - Older cats might find it a bit annoying.

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In any event, I swatted at the contraption once or twice to make the folks happy, then turned my back on them and began licking the most inappropriate parts of myself I could reach to let Mom know was quite finished "playing" with the multi-fingered clown glove of yawn.

If you're a kitten, unburdened by the complexities of adult cat life or if you happen to have just fallen into a bucket of catnip, you might find this toy entertaining. For my part, had the inappropriate licking not driven Mom away, I was a heartbeat away from hacking up a hairball to make my point.
Norman and the Kitten Mitten
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Norm and the Kitten Mitten