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Hornet and wasp stings are more painful than bee stings, however, the stinger does not become imbedded (this is a good thing!). If your dog is stung by a wasp or hornet, keep an eye on your furry friend and follow the guidelines above.
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What to do if your dog gets stung by a bee.
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The significance of a sting depends on the type of insect, the location of the sting and of course, how your pet reacts to the venom (not all dogs have the same reaction). If your dog is stung by a generic Honeybee, you must (if possible) remove the stinger from your pet. The Honeybee has a barbed stinger which imbeds itself into the victim. The stinger can be removed by gently scraping with a credit card or other blunt object. DO NOT pull the stinger out with tweezers! Using tweezers often results in additional venom being squeezed in the skin!
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The most common signs that your doggie friend has been stung by a bee are: swelling, redness and pain around the affected area. Most of the time, all that is needed to bring Fido some relief is a simple ice-pack held to the affected area, however, dogs that have more severe reactions to bee stings will most likely need immediate veterinary care. The signs of severe reactions include: weakness (including fainting), shortness of breath, significant swelling (away from the site of the sting) and over anxious behavior. Vets are well equipped to deal with severe bee stings and may use a fast-acting injectable medication such as steroids, antihistamine or adrenaline to help your pet.
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A few days ago my sister told me that her dog was stung by a bee while playing outside. This bit of news got me thinking….would I know what to do if one of my dogs was stung? What type of reaction(s) should I look for?