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Dog Tracking Collars - GPS Navigation Systems
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Almost everyone I know has a GPS Navigation System in their car. I, for one, don’t leave home without mine. These handy, compact devices have made asking for directions a thing of the past! They are also great when it comes to locating restaurants, retail stores and best of all, avoiding traffic problems!

When you think GPS, naturally, you think about your car and travelling. Well, did you know that
GPS technology has now gone to the dogs!? One of the latest advances when it comes to GPS is dog collars! Bravo! The fact is, even well cared for and loved dogs get lost. Even the most well trained pooch sometimes can’t resist chasing that taunting squirrel or dashing out of the yard through the gate that was accidently left open. Well worry no more because finding your lost dog has become a great deal easier!
GPS dog collars are embedded with technology that enables you to track and eventually, locate your furry friend. A sophisticated satellite system is used to follow your pups every move. If you lose your dog, you simply call the phone number of the GPS service provider that you were given when you purchased the collar and the location (coordinates) of your pup will then be sent to your cell phone.
If you prefer, you can also track your dog using the internet. Most GPS companies have websites which enable you to log on and find out exactly what garbage bin Fido is eating out of. Ok, maybe the technology is not that advanced but it’s getting there!
GPS dog collars are waterproof and lightweight. However, I must warn you, they are not cheap! As with any technology, eventually, the price will come down and the product will only get better. Personally, I would wait a bit before purchasing a GPS collar for my dog. As I said…the prices will begin to decrease and trust me, GPS companies are currently working on smaller, more advanced collars even as I type this. Don’t get me wrong, GPS dog collars are wonderful as they make the task of finding a lost dog much easier. The days of searching for hours, posting signs and making phone calls in order to find Fido will eventually be a thing of the past. GPS dog collar technology is definitely worth keeping a paw, oops, I mean eye on. Woof!
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Dog tracking devices have come a long way baby! What is the latest and greatest device on the market? I'm glad you asked! The TAGG Pet Tracking System is probably one of, if not the best, dog tracking devices you can purchase today. Why is it better? Well, for one thing, it was built for the active dog. How? Well it is lightweight, durable, water resistant and comfortable (your pup won't even know he is wearing it). Operating on the Verizon Network, the TAGG Pet Tracking Device uses advanced GPS and cellular technology. It is so simple to use, even your dog could program it. Ok, maybe not, but it really is user friendly. You simply program the device with a "TAGG Zone," and if/when your dog leaves this zone, you will immediately get a text and or email. If you want more information about this product or if you want to learn about the founder of the TAGG Pet Tracking System (Danielle Jackson), please click HERE!
Even Better Technology! The TAGG Pet Tracking System!