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Beat the Heat!
Recognizing and Preventing Heatstroke in Your Dog
Did you know that like humans, dogs can develop heatstroke? Well the truth is, they can! In fact, heatstroke can kill your dog,therefore, it is very important to monitor your furry friend when outdoors, especially on HOT days! Knowing how to treat and prevent heatstroke may save your pup’s life!
1. When going for a long walk in hot temperatures always have fresh cool water available. There are many collapsable water bowls on the market today. These bowls come in handy and are easy to carry.
2. If possible, avoid walking your dog on asphalt or dark concrete. Ouch!

3. Know your dog!! Certain breeds of dogs are more likely to suffer heatstroke than others. Bulldogs, Shar-Peis, Boston Terriers, Pugs and other short-nosed breeds tend to be more sensative to the heat.

4. NEVER and I repeat, NEVER leave your dog in a car alone, even with the windows cracked! The temperature in a car can raise to deadly levels within minutes.
The best medicine for heatstroke is prevention! Knowing the signs of heatstroke and educating those who spend time with your dog (especially during the hot summer months) will ensure that your dog stays happy and healthy!
Possible Signs of Heatstroke
1. Excessive panting
2. Increased salivation
3. Dry gums that become pale
4. Hyperventilation
5. Weakness and confusion
6. Vomiting after being in hot temperatures
7. Diarrhea
What To Do
1. If you think your dog is suffering from heatstroke, move him into the shade and out of direct sunlight immediately! Apply cool water (not cold) to the dog’s foot pads, stomach and inner thighs. These are areas of large blood flow and will help to cool your pooch down.

2. If possible, wet down your dog with a garden hose. DO NOT submerge your dog completely in cold water! The sudden change in temperature may shock your dog’s system causing further complications.
3. Pay attention! If your dog suffers from heatstroke, the faster you respond to your dog the better!
Excessive panting may be a sign of heatstroke!
When the temperature goes up...monitor your dog!
use a garden hose to cool down your dog!
4. Keep you pooch moving! It is important to keep your dog’s blood flow circulating as he cools down. Encourage your dog to stand or walk slowly during the cool down process.
5. DO NOT cover your dog with a wet blanket or towel. Covering an overheated dog with a wet blanket or towel only adds to the problem. The cover will create a sauna like effect, adding to the dog’s discomfort.
Knowledge is power! Now that you know how to deal with and prevent heatstroke you and your pup can have a fun, active and SAFE summer! Stay Cool!
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